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Time Off Schedule

Add your team's time off to the schedule to keep records and avoid conflicts.

Time Off Request Modal

Shows you detailed information about that user for that particular timeoff request .

View Time Off Requests

View time off request, accept or reject with comment and choose days that can be approved.

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Today task

Real-time information about your employees, when they clocked in, started break and clocked out.

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Employee task

See the timesheet of each employee as well as the possibility to add or edit manually.


Entry details

Edit entry

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View the projects and tasks they're working on and have worked on as well as employees request for time off

My Projects

set budget, assign members, assign tasks, attach documents and change status by drag and drop

Project Cards

Add Project


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Real time information about the actual and planned budget, notification about 90% of budget and duration achieved

Tracking Analytics

See where your time really goes and unleash your full potential.

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Through the reports it is possible to track the hours of completed or unfinished projects as well as tasks. The hours of certain workers in certain projects can also be tracked. This information can be filtered on a weekly, monthly basis as well as certain dates. It is also possible to export this information in exel format.

Why track time with Timey

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Set a timer for everything you do, and while that timer is on, fully focus on the task in hand.

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Accountability is essential to personal growth as well as team growth.

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Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way to manage the business.

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