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Time off planer

Time off planner allows employees to schedule and manage their time off, while giving employers a clear overview of their workforce availability. It helps streamline vacation requests, sick days, and other types of time off, making the process easier and more efficient for all involved.

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Time off requests allow employees to request time off for vacations, sick days, and other reasons, and managers to approve or deny those requests. This feature helps in better management of employee attendance and time off balance.

View and manage time off requests with ease. See the status of each request and make approvals or rejections. Keep your team organized and ensure everyone is taking the time they need while maintaining productivity.

Easily request time off with our user-friendly interface, which allows you to choose from various time off types and set your desired date range. Stay organized with real-time updates on your request status.

Resource Management Time off List
Resource Management View Time off
Resource Management Request Time off

Team Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule and manage your team's tasks with task statuses and assigned users displayed for easy tracking and organization.

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Project Overview

Project overview for resource management includes tracking and managing team workload, allocating tasks, monitoring schedules, and ensuring efficient use of resources. It allows for better resource utilization and helps ensure timely project completion while avoiding burnout and overburdening team members.

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