Time Tracking

Timer or manual entry

Start and stop your timer to record activities as you work. Or log hours manually afterwards.

Clock-in, clock-out

Know the time spent on projects as well as the work hours.

Start/End break

Know exactly when the break time starts and ends by tracking it correctly.

Time off

Track paid time off, vacations, sick days and leave types.

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Distance can make workforce scheduling even more challenging and tedious, which makes time management software a necessity, rather than a choice.

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With efficient time tracking, businesses in the construction industry can closely monitor, optimize scheduling and identify timekeeping abuse before it turns into a recurring problem.

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Healthcare is one industry where time management can make a literal difference. TTracking helps managers and team members react faster. Have complete confidence in taking care of clients and patients.

Done efficiently and accurately

Just start work time

Start your work day by pressing the clock in button, enabling accurate measurements of your work during the day.

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Rest after the work you have done

Give yourself some space to refresh, rest and think by starting your break time and ending it.

Finish your work day

Once you have finished the work hours, press the clock out button to stop your working hours and continue with your day.

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Check on the status of your users

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Through the list presented to the administrator in todays activity, you can see user statuses such as: clocked in, started break, ended break and clocked out.

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