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Accept, reject, edit or improve the time off request

The administrator is notified of any new timeoff requests made by the users and may accept, reject or change them depending on the situation. It is also possible to manually add a timeoff request to a specific user.

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But how is this request fulfilled by the user?

Time off (days)

Time off (hours)

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The user and the administrator have the possibility to request timeoff in two ways:
1. The first type of timeoff request is made through the selection of several days off.
2. And the second type of timeoff request is made through the choice of several hours of timeoff within a day

Daily progress and calendar colors

Show daily progress

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User has the ability to view the progress of the day by clicking on the current day in the calendar or even in previous days to see past daily progress.

Calendar color info

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The colors of the calendar are to distinguish which of the dates has to do with today's date or holiday request which can be approved, commented on or pending.

Arrange timeoff requests according to your needs

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Easy to follow

We have brought you an easy design and experience in the timeoff schedule module to help organize the time off days with a great visualization and enjoyable use.

You decide

The list of holiday requests allows you to view the day off received by a specific user by offering you editing options to accept requests, reject, comment them etc.

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